Wednesday, December 19, 2012

iZombie by Chris Roberson

iZombie is an unfortunately titled Scooby-Doo meets zombies graphic novel series.  Our zombie protagonist Gwen must eat brains of the dead to continue on living her "life."  Unfortunately, this series was canceled after its fourth trade, just released this month.

1.  One particularly sassy book clubber described iZombie as "it's like Nancy Drew if she was a zombie."   What are your thoughts on this bold assertion?

2.  I felt there were a number of similarities between this series and John Layman's Chew series.  Agree or disagree?

3.  The zombie genre is definitely becoming an overused and tired clich√© in the world of comics and SF/F books.  Does Chris Roberson subvert enough cliches to make this series enjoyable?

4.  Female protagonists in the comics world are not often portrayed well.  Does Gwen break the mold? 
5.  Did you find iZombie's setting of Eugene, Oregon to be a character in and of itself?

6.  What inspiration do you think Roberson and Allred drew from when devising this comic?

7.  Many folks criticize the slow, ambling pace of the iZombie series.  Your thoughts?

8.  iZombie will be canceled after its fourth trade, just released December 11th.  What do you think didn't resonate with readers?

9.  The concepts of the undersoul (seated in the heart, emotions, fears) and oversoul (seated in the brain, thoughts, personality) are used to describe the difference between monsters and people.  Would it have been better unexplained?  Did you find these poetic explanations out of sorts in a zombie comic?

10.  The plot of iZombie seems to meander once in a while.  What is the driving element of the series?

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