Thursday, February 21, 2013

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story by Jeff Jensen

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story is a departure from average true crime books and even books about the Green River Killer.  Based on Jeff Jensen's father's life of hunting down the Green River Killer, this graphic novel contains a much different and perhaps more disturbing portrayal of a rather mundane man who killed dozens of women. 

1.  What were your expectations going in reading this graphic novel?  Were they met?

2.  Gary Ridgeway turns out to be a pretty mundane guy.  What were you expecting?   What were the detectives expecting?

3.  After reading this graphic novel, what in your professional opinion drove Ridgeway to kill?

4.  Tom Jensen’s son, Jeff, wrote this graphic novel.  How does his relationship change the narrative?

5.  Why was the graphic novel medium chosen for this story?   Why not just make it a true crime mass market paperback?

6.  What is the significance of Tom Jensen’s smoking habits?  His affinity for Sherlock Holmes?

7.  What’s your opinion on the manhunt style shows that were satirized in this graphic novel and Wizzywig?

8.  What does Ridgeway’s forgetfulness about his murders say about him?  Do all mass serial killers forget about their killings?

9.  How did Ridgeway justify his actions?

10.  Tom Jensen hunted Ridgeway for the entirety of his career.  Do you think it was worth it in the end?