Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ignition City by Warren Ellis

Ignition City is another entry in Warren Ellis' collection of space-themed graphic novels.  This one in particular follows Mary Raven on a trip to Ignition City to investigate her father's death. 

1. What do you think Warren Ellis’ inspiration for Ignition City was?

2. Ellis has a rather odd relationship with space travel as evidenced by another book club selection, Orbiter. What if any of his space madness did you feel came through in this graphic novel?

3. A few criticized Ignition City for its slow pace considering that it’s a limited five issue run. Your thoughts?

4. Female characters in comics: not often well portrayed. How did Mary Raven fare?

5. Everyone in Ignition City is bummed out all the time because its where “space heroes go to die.” What’s so great about space? Is post-space depression anything like PTSD or readjusting to civilian life in general?

6. Some say steampunk makes for such a compelling setting that its difficult for the story to thrive and ultimately be more compelling than its own world. Is this the case for Ignition City?

7. So many people in Ignition City want to abandon Earth and its Kharg-destroyed remnants to get back to space. Isn’t that just giving up? Why aren’t these people trying to better their own surroundings?

8. Was it ethical for the Marshal to keep Kharg alive in a compound “up North?” Did they really just keep him around to study tech they didn’t understand?

9. Ignition City is not going to be continued at least for the time being. Do you think the story is ripe for expansion? Would Mary have continued to kick vigilante ass as a marshal?