Friday, August 19, 2011

Tricked by Alex Robinson - Discussion Questions

Alex Robinson is quickly becoming one of my favorite new graphic novel authors. In this and his previous effort Box Office Poison, he manages to uniquely portray a huge cast of characters using everything from personality quirks to calligraphy. Tricked features a cast of six including a washed up rock star, a waitress, and a counterfeiter among a few others whose lives become temporarily intertwined in a dramatic event.

The book club for Tricked will meet on Thursday August 25th at Koelbel Library at 7:00 p.m. Below are spoiler-less discussion questions.

13. What is the importance of the chapters counting down from fifty to one?

12. Tricked balances a diverse cast of characters. Who was your favorite/least favorite character? Who had the best/worst storyline?

11. Why is the vandalized photograph of Ray Beam so upsetting to Steve?

10. Compare Steve and Nick's psyches. Are they really so different?

9. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Alex Robinson's drawing style?

8. Why did Ray start writing songs again? Is it as simple as Lily's presence? Do you think artists need muses?

7. Nick's likability and morality varies throughout Tricked and comes to a head at the end of the book. How did you end up feeling about his character? What do his actions say about the possibility of redemption in individuals?

6. Caprice was one of the more dynamic characters in Tricked. Explain her behavior throughout the book and the outcome of her situation.

5. Did you find Robinson's characters believable?

4. In his previous effort Box Office Poison, Robinson was praised for being able to portray the lives of many different characters in such a convincing way it seemed voyeuristic.

3. Was Steve aware of his actions at the end of Tricked? Would he have a legitimate "crazy defense" in court?

2. What is Ray's epiphany at the end of the book?

1. Why is the cassette tape cover important? What is the significance of the title?

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